Inglismaa Eesti Selts Tulevik


Tere Tulemast!! 

TULEVIK was formed in 1974 by a group of second-generation Estonians living in Great Britain. The purpose of the 
group was, and still is, to promote and preserve the Estonian language and culture.

The group meets four times a year at Catthorpe Manor near Rugby and is responsible for the running of the annual 
Estonian Children's Summer Camp in the UK.

Tulevik, along with the Association of Estonians in Great Britain, organises the 'Rahvapidu' at Catthorpe Manor,
which is our main Estonian gathering of the year in Britain.

Members of the group have been, and still are, active members of the wider Estonian community in Britain,
participating in events organised in the three main Estonian centres: Bradford, Leicester and London.

Details about Tulevik's committee members and current activi
ties can be found via the News link. 
To access more information about Tulevik's calendar of regular events, please register as a user on
this website.
For further information, please contact kristy@tulevik-uk.org or visit www.facebook.com/Tuelvik1



MAY Weekend: 13th-15th May. Annual dinner dance: Sat 14th May

AUGUST 7th-13th: Children's Summer Camp

AUGUST 13th: Suvepidu

Please use the contact details above for more information. 

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